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Dynamic, Customizable, Easy to use Cloud CRM Solution!

Dynacus is a world class product which truly unifies streamlines and automates the sales management process. Our intuitive user interface coupled with an efficient CRM solution makes managing businesses easy.

Driving your business to growth, Dynacus CRM has:

-          Sales Force Automation
-          Customer Support Helpdesk
-          Analytics
-          Real time Reporting
-          Purchase and Inventory Management
-          Security Management
-          Email Integration
-          Plug-ins for MS Outlook and MS Office


  • Highly customised to clients needs
  • Ensures your sales, marketing and customer services resources are being utilised to maximum effect
  • Ensures you meet the best customer service standards
  • Reduces your cost of sale and marketing leads
  • Minimises administration costs
  • Protects and grows your revenues
  • Reduces the potential for customer attrition
  • Ensures that your investments are all aligned to revenue development
  • Reinforces accountability and transparency
  • Best in class customer support from our dedicated team

You choose the method of deployment

CRM provided as an on-demand service for total convenience -
As our on-demand, subscription-based solution, the CRM solution is maintained offsite, delivered over the Internet, and accessed securely via any Web browser. You don’t have to make any upfront investments in hardware or software. Plus, there are no maintenance and upgrade costs—one flat monthly fee includes everything you need.

…or installed on-premises for total control and a low cost of ownership.
Dynacus CRM solution can also be installed on your own hardware within the walls of your company to give you complete control and ownership of the application. You will have the flexibility to deploy the solution in a standard Windows environment or through the Internet, where it can be accessed anytime, anywhere via a Web browser or wireless device.

Empower your sales team to sell effectively, Ensure customer satisfaction and Make informed business decisions with our Robust, Scalable and Affordable CRM solution to meet your diverse business needs.

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